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The AE Partners Collection

Resources developed and contributed by Teacher Enhancement Programs which have formed partnerships with Access Excellence

Bacterial Transformation: The pGLOTM System, developed by BioRad in partnership with teachers, these bacterial transformation protocols make use of plasmids which cause the transformants to glow.

BioForum is a series of lectures, presented by California Academy of Sciences, in which scientists share their research results with high school biology teachers. The BioForum website is a partnership between Access Excellence and the California Academy of Sciences.

DNA Learning Center, an education program of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, has the produced laboratory exercises, lectures, and curricula related to the DETECTION OF Alu BY PCR for primary and secondary school students, their teachers, and the general public.

  Graphics from Essential Cell Biology are uploaded into the Graphics Gallery for online viewing and for printing. Garland Publishing presents over eighty images from Essential Cell Biology by Bruce Alberts, Dennis Bray, Alexander Johnson, Julian Lewis, Martin Raff, Keith Roberts, and Peter Walter. Essential Cell Biology was written for introductory biology students. These full-color schematics have been meticulously constructed specifically for students taking a basic course. Both the text and illustrations are known for their clarity. A list of Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) versions of each image has been provided to make it easy to print handouts and overheads.

For further information about Essential Cell Biology and other texts from Garland Publishing, please contact them at Science@Garland.com.

Genetic illustrations from the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) are now included in our Graphics Gallery for online viewing and for printing. These illustrations are provided by the NHGRI's Office of Science Education (OSE), established to increase the working knowledge of human genetics and genetic technologies among the general public, health care professionals, media, educators and students. They also provide a "Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms", and "Fact Sheets" to aid in the understanding of these illustrations and human genetics. A list of Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) versions of each image has been provided to make it easy to print handouts and overheads.

The Gene Connection™ curriculum includes using the gel box to study Ohm's Law and relative atomic mass, technique labs which introduce micropipetting and gel electrophoresis, and a finger printing lab with several scenarios. Many of the Gene Connection labs were originally developed by Gene Connection teachers with support from Fotodyne.

The Gene Connection™ Second Annual Bioethics Symposium and Workshop, presented by the San Mateo County Biotechnology Education Partnership is a discussion on ethical and social issues arising from the genetic revolution.

Fred Hutchinson C R C Science Education Partnership
, written as a scenario in which students working as teams are challenged to improve the efficiency of bacterial transformation, was produced by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center working with local teachers.

MediaSharp, a collaborative project sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), helps young people critically evaluate different ways that media normalize and glamorize unhealthy behaviors. Focusing on two widely promoted products, alcohol and tobacco, MediaSharp activities provide teachers with background materials and encourage them to adapt the materials to other health areas. These activities give students the tools to analyze how these products are promoted in marketing, entertainment, and news.

National Cancer Institute produced UNDERSTANDING GENE TESTING: Basic information about gene testing and key genetic concepts. Included are answers to a number of frequently asked questions about the science, potential benefits, and potential risks of gene testing.

Share-a-thons features teaching strategies and activities contributed by teachers participating in Share-a-thons at national teaching conferences and conventions. These activities have not been peer-reviewed.

Winding Your Way Through DNA, a genetics symposium sponsored by the University of California, San Francisco, featured world renowned DNA scientists. Interviews with these speakers and three of their lectures are in About Biotech. Inspired by this symposium, UCSF produced three related videos and resource books. The resource books are posted here.

Woodrow Wilson Biology Collection is a compilation of activities produced by Fellows of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, Princeton, New Jersey, on topics including: human ecology, bioethics, biotechnology and genetics.

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